Malekula Transport

Public transport within Malekula, Vanuatu, is provided by a number of small single cab utility vehicles. They leave Lamap, at one end of the island at 3.30am Monday - Saturday, then drive through deeply rutted roads, crossing through five rivers onroute, until they get to Norsup, in the north. A return trip is made each day leaving Norsup between 10am -11am. People wanting to take this form of transport simply wait on the side of the road and hop on the back, or if in darkness, shine their torch for the truck to stop. If the truck is too full, it will not stop to pick up people, or if the rivers are too full to cross, they can not complete the journey. Hence often patients requiring medical help are unable to access it. If there is an emergency out of the designated travel timetable, patients either have no access to medical help, or it is very expensive and often unaffordable for the patient to hire the truck to get to medical help.
When Dr Derek Allen was working in the Malampa Province as the only doctor for 35,000 people, TroppoDoc donated two vehicles to provide medical access to clinics in villages on the island, along with urgent access to and retrieval of emergency cases. These vehicles still provide this service, with the TroppoDoc van being based at Norsup Hospital and the TroppoDoc Suzuki 4WD based at Lamap.
Sponsorship is required for a new fuel filter for the TroppoDoc van based at Norsup Hospital and a new battery is required for the Troppodoc Suzuki 4WD based at Lamap. These projects are very important as they provide urgent patient transport and can often mean the difference in whether a patient lives or not.
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