Unsafe Water - leading cause of death in the world

(1): Norsup Hospital urgently requires sponsorship to re-pipe the water supply within the hospital. The pipes have become clogged with calcium and the water supply to all the rooms is cut off at the moment. This means everyone wanting water for whatever reason has to go outside and fill containers from the existing water tanks - the ones that are piped from the guttering and actually have working taps on them, that is!!!
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(2): Fartavo Village in Aulua has no water supply within the village confines. It is comprised of 44 houses - thatched huts and has a community of 261 people. There is a community building that has a tin roof, which would be ideal to put guttering on, leading into a water tank. At the moment the village relies on a nearby river for their water supply. This means countless trips to the river each day and carrying water back to the village for cooking, drinking, showering (bucket shower), washing hands, flushing the toilet and washing clothes. As Vanuatu has a tropical climate, there is a lot of heavy rain and this often means the river becomes very muddy - so no clean or safe water. Vomiting and diarrhoea, especially amongst the babies, children and the elderly is a huge problem in this village, due to the lack of a constant supply of clean safe water. 
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(3): Water tanks and running water piped into Health Dispensaries. Some Health Dispensaries and Aid Posts have a water tank, but no water piped into the clinic. Someone has to frequently collect the water from the tank outside or from a nearby water source, which is often uncovered - allowing mosquitos to breed in. To maintain a desirable aseptic environment when holding medical clinics, it is advisable to have clean safe water available within the clinic - whether this be for handwashing, washing instruments, or drinking to take medication. It also provides less disruption to the actual medical clinic being held, as it means all staff are gainfully employed providing medical services to the people, not wasting time getting water all the time. The tanks are generally just outside the clinic and it would not take much to seal the tank and run a pipe from the tank into the clinic.
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(4): Over 10 water tanks are needed in the Lamap (southern Malekula) region alone, for reasons already mentioned. There are many more villages in the Malampa Province that would benefit from having a fresh, clean and safe water supply. Each village generally has one building with a tin roof and the water tank has a tap attached - thus allowing everyone to access the clean and safe water.
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Thank you.
The picture below shows a Health Dispensary with an existing water tank that has a tap on it for water access, but is not piped into the clinic.

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