Interesting Cases

Added to site: Apr 04 at 12:03a.m.
Met a 20yr old man with a diagnosis of tumour pressing on optic nerve by local eye doctor (not a specialist), who has recommended a CT scan in Moresby and trying to get SAD church to assist here as he is parishioner. SAD flight & accom for parent in Moresby. Needs Specialist consult & possibly CT scan. 

Some high BPs - 191/116, 196/118, 180/117, deserving of immediate treatment and observation. Python bite to back of neck (some years ago ), 10yr old girl with divergent squint but blind in one eye now, back aches, chest pains, hip, knee, shoulder pains. There are several women wanting contraceptive implants removed and ears to syringe today! 

I saw a 9yr old boy with severe TB spine, but recently started treatment. Irregular menses and primary infertility, Hep B +ve serology. All sorts. Plenty of work & variety and at the end of yesterday there were still 100 people in the queue for today!

Young boy with TB spine. His head is to right.

Looks like midline abscess but hard bony inflamed protuberance. TB spine now had 2 weeks treatment of a 9 month course. Head at top of pic.



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