Morning Surgery

Added to site: Apr 07 at 1:16a.m.
This morning we performed minor surgery to remove a lump from a woman’s eyebrow that had been there for 5yrs. The woman and the Sisters were overjoyed to have the operation done, as the poor woman had come to Mendi Hospital some time ago and was sent home to return in 5 months time. All her travel has to be paid with money destined for food and school fees. 

Plan now is on Monday - visit hospital CEO at 8.30am, offering help again if they need - supposed to be driving to Nimbu Plateau for a week of service in an area of 17,000 remote, underserviced villagers, possibly a flight to Lake Kutubu area for a week of clinics amongst people severely affected by earthquake, or continue Mendi Toubiri clinic where there are 169 Health cards already in a queue, waiting for service!

It’s 7.15pm now and have just returned from Mendi hospital where I heard 1 of ambulances bringing patients from Tari was hijacked just outside of Mendi, patients dumped on road, accompanying nurses kidnapped and ambulance taken. Captives now found on road.

In a different area, a UNICEF or UNESCO team has been attacked! The AUSMAT team has finished & flying tomorrow. They wish me to go to hospital Monday morning and help in surgery dept/ward. . .hmmm

Just had a 6.3 aftershock in Tari 1hr ago - felt rather large here too!

Joy in action nursing prior to OP.

5yr history of this.
After 25 mins & Joy's assistance to this.