Emergency Retrieval

Added to site: May 01
Now waiting after breakfast to go on an emergency retrieval for a woman bleeding postpartum. This is the greatest cause of women dying after childbirth.

Also informed by the Governor, via Halima, that sitting in front of the hotel for breakfast and dinner, as we do, poses a significant security risk and should stop forth with. 

Yet another power cut where WiFi stops, running water stops and fan stops. I am in a VIP room at $15/night. There are non VIP rooms for the drivers. Maybe they have a shared bathroom.

Yesterday our village, IDP camp morning visit was prevented as we couldn't cross the river as it had rained during the night. 

Afternoon clinic at the IDP camp across the road from the hotel, did happen however. Headaches, sore knees, family with measles, diarrhoea with and without vomiting. Able to treat all at camp therefore preventing unnecessary hospital admissions at this time.

GED now has 4 Somali doctors for the hospital Outpatients/Inpatients and today working on starting up the laboratory. All good!



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