Another Busy Clinic

Added to site: Apr 05 at 12:23a.m.
Today saw another very busy clinic outside the SDA Church, with constant queues of appreciative people wanting medicine for every sickness in last 20 years. SDA Church personnel helping us also - Nurse Cathy, Pastor and ex Councillor as crowd control. 

Presentations ranged from a 42yr old woman with chronic appendices irritation also BY and o/get, review of previously seen and treated BY, bilateral epididymitis, low back pains, GORD, fatty liver (& in this person fatty many other things too), waxy ears for syringing after home application of oil, numb limbs, breast lump, painful knee in a 21yr old rugby player, recurrent pulmonary TB, teary eyes when in strong sunlight, UTI, an infected arm, CHF, shoulder OA, dysmenorrhoea, IS knees, exposed front tooth root in a 30y woman, intra nasal sore for 20yrs, painful ribs without trauma, lateral abdominal pain with gallstones, painful tooth after eating, TL scar pain after 2 mth, incomplete TB treatment in a 7yr old child, urinary incontinence in a 50yr old man, cracked breast feeding nipple, chronic blocked nose, 49yr old woman with cold head. 50yr old woman with cherry tomato size lump in eyebrow - for excision tomorrow. It just keeps getting better!

Still trying to get to remote, more damaged areas, but being a small NGO makes it a little difficult. Beautiful cool place to work with poor village people though. Spending all day with SAD Church, the sick queue up as the Catholics have a long running and well staffed clinic (nurse and Community Health Workers). 

Violence is still strong along the road (125 km) at Tari. Still problems on road with hold ups, 3 policemen killed 3 days ago and 7 villagers killed yesterday. The Medical Director of Tari Hospital is in Australia!?

Another small earthquake woke me up tonight.