Mendi Hospital Visit

Added to site: Mar 31
Joy and I visited the Mendi hospital today, figuring by now the AusMAT team had settled in. Physician, Surgeon, Anaesthetist, Pediatrician, Obstetrician, with nurses, logisticians, Public Health people.  

The X-ray machine is broken, a very limited laboratory, and limited medicines. They are here for 2 weeks, then gone - no need for us now, but in 10 days time for sure. 

Tari is still awaiting support as UN child psychology & surveillance teams were evacuated yesterday, after 4 deaths in town the previous night. The hospital there in lockdown with military protection. The hospital here also in lockdown for AusMAT team and team staying on premises - no walkabout for them. 

The violence in Tari is tribe against tribe - and as I don't look like a PNGer then if I go, I will be ok!

One 6y young girl patient seen at Friday clinic. Never seen X Ray, Paed spec. nor Ortho spec

12y boy seen with 1y hx. Tibial osteomyelitis at one of our clinics.



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