Last Full Day In Lamap

Added to site: 2 weeks ago, Feb 10
Today is last full day in Lamap. 

I’m packing up the clinic room for travel tomorrow to Port Vila.

Poor Elliann (Nurse) hasn’t been able to take a holiday for 6yrs, so I am talking with her for my return here in mid December to give her 2 months holiday.

Two Fridays ago I saw a 10yr old boy with a laceration to a toe, causing an open fracture of the toe. It took him 5 days to get to a hospital able to insert a K Wire. Though he is taking antibiotics, his risk of osteomyelitis steadily increases.

It has taken 6 days to get the 3mth old baby girl with Hydrocephalus to Port Vila Central Hospital. Hopefully there is a process happening to get her to a neurosurgeon to get a shunt inserted, which will give her a normal longevity with no further cerebral damage.


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