Last Full Day In Lamap

Added to site: Feb 10
Today is last full day in Lamap. 

I’m packing up the clinic room for travel tomorrow to Port Vila.

Poor Elliann (Nurse) hasn’t been able to take a holiday for 6yrs, so I am talking with her for my return here in mid December to give her 2 months holiday.

Two Fridays ago I saw a 10yr old boy with a laceration to a toe, causing an open fracture of the toe. It took him 5 days to get to a hospital able to insert a K Wire. Though he is taking antibiotics, his risk of osteomyelitis steadily increases.

It has taken 6 days to get the 3mth old baby girl with Hydrocephalus to Port Vila Central Hospital. Hopefully there is a process happening to get her to a neurosurgeon to get a shunt inserted, which will give her a normal longevity with no further cerebral damage.