Adult Nappies Needed

Added to site: Feb 13
I saw a 40yr old woman yesterday with a history of 2 days of "dirty coming out” (faecal incontinence). She has pain in "arse blo her”. On examination she had palpable rough lipped cervix pushing into her rectum and on vaginal examination she has advanced cervical cancer. After the exam she told me she had been to Vila Central Hospital who also diagnosed cancer - and gave her Paracetamol only and sent her home.

Does anyone have adult disposable nappies they could send over to help with this woman’s closing months of life on earth and her newly started faecal incontinence, or pads? Anything is appreciated. I am thinking of families with someone who has recently passed on and maybe has a cupboard of unused nappies or pads. Please? You could contact either myself, or Margaret Thorpe - contact details for us both are on the "Contact Us” page here on website.

We have tropical Cyclone Oma bearing down on Lamap from the west with heavy rain, strong winds and flash flooding. Flights from Lamap to Port Vila tomorrow are cancelled due to the bad weather coming apparently.

Unfortunately to change ticket to Papua New Guinea cost NZ$1857, so am now returning to New Zealand after leaving Vanuatu.


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