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It is important to put Lamap into perspective. 

If you get very sick here - such as a major stroke or heart attack, ruptured ectopic pregnancy, ruptured spleen, perforated peptic ulcer, perforated appendix, complicated fracture of the pelvis, head, back, leg or arm, requiring specialist treatment after midday, it will be impossible to get transport to a hospital specialist until the next day.

You could possibly charter a 4WD to Norsup Hospital which is a 3-5hr very rough ride up a gravel road, across several rivers - one of which becomes impassable by 4WD after a heavy rainfall for 4 days. 

Norsup Hospital has X-ray and a laboratory, but presently no doctor - is being run by Nurse Practitioners. 

Norsup does have a sealed runway and daily flights to Santo and/or Port Vila.

Welcome to remote rural!


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