Back In Tello

Added to site: Mar 19 at 9:30p.m.
We made it safely to Tello via taxi, plane, minibus and fast ferry and finally becuk In 1 day! Was a 4.30am start from Medan and ending with 5.30pm arrival in Tello. 

The Deputy Mayor of Tanah Masa Island is unfortunately out of Tello until Saturday, but medicines are reportedly still in storage place.

Fiona (Volunteer UK Medical Student) is about to graduate as a doctor, once her elective time is complete.

Already apart from excising 3 skin cancers in Medan, we have seen middle aged woman with hypertension and painful legs, 4 overweight 40+ women with benign postural hypotension, indigestion, and mild hypertension, respectively. A 15yr old boy with mild bronchorestriction, 65yr old man with old CVA (Cardiovascular Accident or Stroke) and interesting skin lesion on chest (requesting removal) and 11yr old girl with double row of teeth on lower jaw anteriorly - her father requesting extraction! Another 50+ overweight woman with asymptomatic hypertension.

We are staying tonight in Rumah Setia, but planning of 3 nights in Tanah Masa Island starting tomorrow.

Happy Days!