Tooth Extractions

Added to site: Feb 03 at 9:31p.m.
I’ve not been very busy medically speaking this trip. Am enjoying getting to spend more time with Hilda.

Last few days I’ve seen patients for tooth extractions and reading glasses. For all else, I keep patients tracking to confident New Grad Nurse, Jeremiah.

Identical twin girls were delivered at the hospital this morning, both sharing the one placenta. The woman presented in 2nd stage labour, with the first baby breech protruding. She fell with the delivery bed onto the floor (a big crash with no injuries as yet) because no-one there to advise her how to get on it safely. So both babies were delivered on mattress on the floor! Tranexamic Acid injection at the ready, but not needed yet! Mother was surprised with twin girls - has 2 young boys already!

Still discussing the sale of the Suzuki Jeep with interested parties.