Back in Tello

Added to site: Mar 25 at 9:34p.m.
Fiona and I returned to Tello this morning after 3 days away in Tanah Masa - 2 nights in Saeru and 1 night in Baluta. We had busy clinics and was most enjoyable.

We leave Tello on Wednesday and fly to Sibolga and Medan. 

I return to New Zealand on Sunday and then leave again on the 2nd April for Malawi, via Hong Kong. I’m heading back to work there with Bob and the team at Mphatikizo to hold free TroppoDoc Clinics. At the moment there are no other TroppoDoc volunteers going with me initially, but I have 2 confirmed university students from Wellington coming to volunteer with me a week to 10 days later.

Bob has been running a campaign to raise funds to install solar power at the Community Centre where I will be holding clinics. He is hoping to equip the medical clinic with a small fridge in which to cool store the medicines.