Catheter Call Nocte

Added to site: Jan 09 at 10:35p.m.
We have been given a room in the hospital to hold clinics. Yesterday Elian, the Registered Nurse here, was sick and not at work, so we saw about 30 patients in the clinic. 

Have been seeing usual presentations for diabetes, high blood pressure, respiratory infections, gastro-intestinal problems, lacerations requiring suturing, skin infections, tooth infections, worm infestations, fevers.

Last night I was called at 3am to the hospital to change a male patient’s catheter, as it had blocked. 

After my interrupted night with the callout, I was up and enjoying an early morning swim in the sea at 6.30am. 

Elian is very keen to get a communal area set up for volleyball and also badminton.



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