Sleeping On Floor

Added to site: Apr 03 at 11:38p.m.
One Sister here in Catholic compound would rather sleep on the floor at moment, as this disturbs her sleep less, compared to aftershocks while she is sleeping in her bed. The floor she chooses to sleep on is, of course, next to the outside door.

69 people seen today - from a rugby playing 20yr old, who thought his back pain that had something to do with an imbalance of fluids and a STD, was maybe returning soon, but not yet arrived. I thought of Reiters but he denied all symptoms! (my first patient). Also a hypertensive 30yr old man with hemiparetic CVA, UTI, HT, gout, hearing loss in those without wax, middle ear effusion/occupational induced & with wax, 10yr old girl with fainting episodes, backache, cough, 11yr old boy anorexic, vaginal discharges, ear discharges, swallowing difficulties, pathos ulcers, hyper cholesterol, sec infertility!

My morning desk packing medicines in between day missions. Today may be start of 3 day mission by heli drop to community still not accessible by road.


Morning queue of patients waiting at the 'pop-up' SDA church clinic for me this morning! It just carries on into the distance !



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