Lamap, Malekula 2018

Added to site: Jan 03
Arrived in Lamap to a 5mth old baby with 40.5deg temperature and diarrhoea. I heard of a 1yr old child dying last week of diarrhoea and some talk of "Custom”.

Chief Christian had a toothache for the past 5 nights, so when I gave him pain relief, he fell asleep for 6hrs on the Clinic floor - at that time was my bedroom with suitcases partially unpacked! 

Sadly Lucian, longtime owner of the local "Levi’s Store”, passed away a couple of months ago at his home.

Sam, the Nurse Practitioner here in Lamap, is away on holiday for 2weeks. He has been going to retire each year now for a number of years. 

I so enjoy helping out in Lamap again and can’t wait to get my helicopter back here.


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