Well Again Today

Added to site: Feb 17 at 11:41p.m.
I am well again today. Would have liked to have been able to do a serum amylase, as may have been Pancreatitis, but all good now! 

The local "Kustom Medicine” man said he knew what my problem was and would treat me with massage and a leaf! I said unequivocally "No thanks”!

Tonight 4 people were seen at 8.30pm with the help of Alistair and Kate - 1 man with dizzyness after drinking only 1 glass of milk all day; an 8yr old boy also with dehydration and constipation; a 3yr old girl with a small cough and a 28yr old man with knife cuts to his foot from a week ago - badly infected, but refusing to stay in hospital - instead taking a 20min boat ride to Black Sands and a 2hr walk under torch light back to their very isolated village.


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