Paramedic Volunteer

Added to site: Jan 25
A big welcome to volunteer Alistair (NZ Paramedic) who arrived on Wednesday afternoon with solar lights, reading and distance spectacles, toothpaste, sunglasses, Paracetamol, Aspirin, Ibuprofen, bandaids, coloured chalk, so much and all for the people. Thanks very much and working together has already started.

Tonight an 8yr old boy was brought to the hospital with high fever of 39.6deg, apparently for 2 days. Mum nor Dad arrived with him as they chose to rather drink at a Kava Bar. Eventually mum came after I told the kind village truck owner and driver that I needed one parent to be present and responsible for medication. In the meantime he received a Hospital cool shower. Tomorrow I hope he returns for a malaria check.

Finally today the 44yr old man with a 4 month cough, spitting bloods and losing weight, travelled to Port Vila Hospital for a chest X-ray to confirm Tb or not. Yes, he travelled coughing on a small 20seater public plane. It was probably full, so I wish all the other travellers good luck and good immunity with this contagious disease.

Unpacked one of the boxes Alistair brought with him on Tuesday night "Young Blood” boat from Port Vila to Lamap - Augmentin, Chilli Sauce, tonic water and medicinal duty free!

Now to sleep before 5am departure on 4WD truck to collect Hilda from Norsup / Lakatoro hopefully.


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