On Call Nocte

Added to site: Jan 29 at 10:43p.m.
Things are not very busy here for me in Lamap medically wise. 

Ellian (Nurse at Lamap Hospital) has taken her daughter to Port Vila. Jeremiah, another nurse has taken over in Ellian’s absence. 

I’m doing night cover for the hospital, but not helping too much in the clinics, as don’t want to take over/step on the nurse’s toes so to speak. So am helping out where needed with advice and review of patients when requested.

Today saw and dealt with a severe chainsaw wound to a man’s hand, which needed suturing. He has no loss of function of the hand, which is amazing considering the extent of and mechanism of injury - very lucky indeed for a chainsaw injury!

I will discuss the sale of the TroppoDoc Suzuki Jeep with interested parties tomorrow.



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