Becuk Mishap

Added to site: Nov 04
Yesterday transferred from Defness Hotel to Baholo on east side of Teluk Dalam. This is owned by Herman from Sirombu - a friend of mine and Margaret Thorpe (a founding member of TroppoDoc, multiple time volunteer nurse and a good friend). Herman was our translator when we were all part of the SurfAid International Medical Relief Team following the Indonesian Tsunami.

On way here in motorised becuk, as we were crossing the entrance bridge, one of the wheels went through the bridge structure and we all rumbled out the open side onto the bridge in the rain, narrowly avoiding falling into the river - please note Nias has man eating sizeable crocodiles, so falling in a river may be more serious than losing my mobile and wallet! 

Last night held a clinic in the small hotel room - must have been 12 patients brought by Given (longtime local TroppoDoc translator). Given has 1yr more and he will be a teacher like his brother David and sister Udi. Conditions seen included intermittent skin swelling/itching, breast lump with pain in breast and axilla, tingling feet and arms in a prediabetic 30yr old, headaches with low water intake, back and chest pain after MVA 12mths ago, GORD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease), chronic cracked lips, small fibromyalgia in scalp are just some of the problems presenting.

Tonight a smaller clinic in persistent rain - a small girl with early satiety who declared herself as 22yrs old and it appeared she was not menstruating yet! A man with liver swelling and intermittent pain in gallbladder area when hungry.

All good, though rain continues!


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