Seeking Work

Added to site: Apr 06 at 12:53a.m.
The Tari Hospital was closed yesterday as there was a tribal killing with a machete inside the hospital! 3 more killings yesterday and 7 the day before. 

Maybe we will stay in the Mendi area !

Today after seeing a few staff and some family this morning, Sister Lorena drove Joy and me up to the plateau where she is mostly stationed - a 2.5hrs drive on very rough roads from the Kumin Catholic Centre in Mendi. 

We went there to directly ask the nurses running the Health Centre on the top of a ridge, if we could work there. They serve a 17,000 catchment population. They agreed to our request thankfully. Then we drove 2.5hrs back to base!
On the way home driving through a stretch of road with road works, we found out a 7yr old girl had been run over and killed by a vehicle earlier in the day. The beautiful girls' body was lying on the grass at the side of the road, surrounded by grieving relatives. Such tragedy. Compensation will need to be paid by driver and family, possibly around 100,000 kina and 100 pigs or more - and if this doesn't happen, this can easily become an inter-tribal pay back war, with tit for tat killings! This is PNG!

Typical village houses demonstrating the relative poverty.