Easter Procession

Added to site: Mar 30
Yesterday more news of violence coming from Tari with evacuation of U.N. workers. This afternoon 7 U.N. workers arrive with tales of 10 people shot, 4 dead. More coming tomorrow to escape violence. Violence is usually inter-tribal but Aid workers are not wanting to get caught in cross fire.

Spoken with Parish Priest, Father Isaiah, who is from that area and will independently enquire tomorrow of need In Tari Hospital for doctor & nurse, as military are protecting hospital compound and we are both prepared to go !

This morning awoken by Richter 5 aftershock, up at 2.30am for 3am start of a 5km walk to beginning of Easter procession. 1000 people lined up behind a 3m Cross replica and walked 5km to Mendi. The first song that 1000 voices started to sing in the dark of 5am procession starting time was 'I have decided to follow Jesus' . Many songs were sung as we walked through at times light rain, until the conclusion at Mendi Catholic Church at 10am this morning. Brief lessons were taught at 12 stations along the way. Many poor women walking in bare feet, babies being carried, children over 4 yrs walking hand in hand with a parent. Walking right through the centre of small town Taro with a police vehicle escort front and back for traffic reasons I think!

This morning's Easter Walk with 1000 people behind a 3m representation of the Cross starting at 3 am.



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