Domestic Violence

Added to site: Feb 18 at 12:07a.m.
Domestic violence continues to rear its ugly head, even in this peaceful culture. 2 days ago a woman was brought in by her partner after he had thrown kerosene on to her face and in to her ears. There is no police here, so the issue goes back to the tribal Chief, while we try and fix the effects! 

Yesterday the 42yr old man who was admitted 10 days ago with severe diarrhoea and vomiting and returned with a serious infection of his sc infusion site, got out of his hospital bed and declared he was going home immediately to his village. He was better, but not ideal for discharge and probably returning for Kustom Medicine.

A lady in her 4th pregnancy and in labour at due dates, was taking some time with the birth of her child. Her husband is the Kustom Medicineā€ man. He chewed a particular leaf and spat it on to her forehead and into her ears to help labour along. Some hours later she delivered a healthy baby safely!


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