80 Patient Day

Added to site: Apr 02
Just finished an 80 patient day! Mostly GP presentations of cough, back & knee pains, but TB, enormous ovarian cyst, otitis externa, trapezius strain, gout, hypertension, abdominal colic, recent CVA, peri orbital tumour in a 20yr old man, anterior rib tumour, enlarged prostate causing urinary obstruction, eye floaters, shoulder pain, child with 6 digits on each hand, abdominal lipoma, 7yr old child the size of a 1yr old, fungal skin infections, one of whole lower abdomen, (? HIV inf), constipation, intra nasal tumours, teeth for removal, asthma, amenorrhoea, primary infertility in 34y woman, chronic conjunctivitis, pre & post period pain, dyspareunia, uterine prolapse, faecal incontinence in 45y woman, GORD. And more - so plenty of variety. 

My clinic desk & the waiting queue.
Triage & observation tent (BP, P, wgt, T, symptoms & history written in English for me by nurses who are members of SDA church)



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