Tabu In Place

Added to site: Feb 12
Such a close country to New Zealand, but such differing beliefs. There are 4 tabu (taboo) places around Lamap that I know of. I was swimming in the sea 2 nights ago in the rain and 4 young boys were very anxious about my welfare, as the Banyan tree at the waters edge is capable of endangering my health if I swim alone after dark. There is a large Shorewood tree very near the hospital where a man was buried not so long ago in a head down position, as he was found to be eating children. This tree is now tabu. On the road down the hill to Levi Store, the road area is tabu and unsafe for women to walk along alone after dark. There is 1 white and 1 black spirit there I am told, that will cause harm. No food or drink to be consumed in this area and no relieving oneself either.

Yesterday no plane arrived here in Lamap to take people back to Norsup and Port Vila. I was told the first plane departed Port Vila, but had to return because of mechanical problems. Another was sent via SW Bay, but decided while there they could not safely get to Lamap because of handicap/technical problems, but needed to continue to Santo. When I rang Port Vila Air Vanuatu office, I was told the pilot flew over Lamap and saw the grass was wet (not true), I was told the staff at Lamap told him the plane could not land safely (also not true). It was a good day for flying at Lamap, but the pilot chose otherwise.

Unfortunately Big Sister boat decided not to sail this week and the large river is impassable by 4WD because of heavy rain 3 days ago. So now we will wait until the next flight on Thursday afternoon, so need to rebook flight to Port Moresby.

The little baby girl with Hydrocephalus made it to Port Vila Hospital and I’m just trying to find out the result of that today. I hear she has been seen at the hospital!

Today a very quiet time. Boy with fractured phalanx got to Port Vila Hospital and sounds like he now has a K Wire in his toe.

The lights are better here but a torch is still needed to sew up any vaginal tears for women delivering their babies after dark. The water appears to run in one basin for half hour only in the morning. No security or night time nurses for people needing to stay in hospital overnight. Still so much to do for this mini hospital. No doctor and no midwife.


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