Arrival And Work Begins

Added to site: Sep 07 at 10:03p.m.
Finally met up with the Singapore team, which has Indonesian components and adds up to 28 people it appears.

Surprising need for extra paperwork in Customs and meanwhile 6 cartons of multi vitamins and 2 cartons of water filters detained in custody. I wonder what the Customs people are thinking of doing with these!

Then we drove into the mountains and into the clouds, surrounded by jungle and monkeys. Eventually over a high pass into what appears to be an almost extinct volcanic crater with culpability research centre and multiple hot springs, to stop in a small town that is much damaged by the previous quake. 

The current death toll is around 550 people and slowly increasing as more collapsed buildings are being cleared.

A meeting with the local official area doctor to create a strategy before heading to bed.


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