More Earthquake Fatalities

Added to site: Apr 08 at 2:09a.m.
Yesterday I received firm requests for help from Mendi Clinic, Nimbu Plateau, Lake Kutubu area - all should be busy.

That 6.3 earthquake on Saturday killed 36 people in Kutubu and 6 people in Tari - and counting is not finished yet. 

A big day yesterday with 60 people seen from yet untreated TB cases to draining a Bakers Cyst, infertility, back pains, domestic violence, menstrual irregularities, cataracts, menopause, hip OA, hypertension, carpal tunnel syndrome, epilepsy, heartburn, headaches, dizziness, UTIs, LRTIs, throat infections, abdominal lipoma, intestinal worms, etc.  

Yesterday I heard an Ausssie volunteer doctor was shot by attempted hijacking of car - was wounded not killed, but that might change the overseas aid flow.

News flash - - - Aussie doctor only hit by stone, local colleague got shot in leg!

Dr Derek doing an ear syringe