Added to site: Jan 30 at 9:09p.m.
Back in Lamap and what has changed? 

Sam (Nurse Practitioner in charge of the hospital) is on extended holiday over a post retirement pay dispute I’m told. Elian, Helen and Valerie continue and a New Grad Nurse, Jeremiah, is about to wrap up his first 6 mths contract here. There is no government midwife nor doctor.

At night, delivering babies is still done by torchlight, though there is a solar light working at roof level. The hand basin in the delivery room works sporadically. No other facilities inside the building work for staff or patients to wash hands. None of the flush toilets flush, nor showers. There is a solar powered fridge for vaccines. 

The hospital reopened last week after a break in closed it. The break in was at the doctor’s house, Sam’s old house. There is a mostly built house on the seaside of the hospital shed for me and volunteers, but is essentially a hospital house also - though construction stopped due to lack of funding for materials.

The working ward has no doors on all 3 entrances and no staff at night stay in the ward to protect patients or property - even though rape of hospital patients in Vanuatu has been known. The mosquito screens are not complete and I would like to see double screen doors at every entrance to help keep mosquito populations in the hospital low. 

The hospital staff identify a new lawn mower as a needed priority (74,000 Vatu when on promotion in Port Vila).

I am sleeping on a mattress on the floor in the old ward where there is no running water in the sanitation block and toilets don’t flush - bucket needed. 

There are markets on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in Lamap and at least 7 stores. Marigold plants are spreading around the hospital buildings slowly - acting as a natural mosquito repellent. 

Today a fruit salad of banana, papaya and pineapple - so yum! "Chief” Christian, Alphonse (my guardian daughter Hilda’s birth father), Sarah (Hilda’s birth mother) and many other people visit us and we are very welcome here.

Providing reading glasses and extracting teeth are appreciated extra parts to the free medical clinics.