Street Clinics

Added to site: Mar 20 at 7:14p.m.
Fiona and I are holding our free TroppoDoc medical clinics on the main street outside the lady’s shop that sells the drinks in the town here on Tello. Busy clinics and Fiona is enjoying her elective experience.

We’ve had a steady day in clinic with musculoskeletal strains, excision of skin lesion high on chest, Rt inguinal hernia secondary to probable high worm load/infestation. Lower respiratory infection in 11yr old, chronic cough problems.

I’m exploring treatment management advice/options in New Zealand for the 11yr old girl with 2 rows of bottom teeth, as well as for a 60yr old with a skin growth we have excised - ?benign, ?Keratoacanthoma. 

Met a sailing couple from their round the world yacht from England, on boat for 12yrs so far!

Hoping to go to Tanah Masa Island this afternoon.