Things Remain Unchanged

Added to site: Jan 07 at 10:11p.m.
Lamap remains unchanged, though there have been 4 unexpected deaths in the previous year.

(1): The mother of an albino child from Blacksands side was transferred to Port Vila Hospital and died of ?Post Partum Haemorrhage.
(2): A 4mth old baby died of ?”Kustom” after diarrhoea had resolved.
(3): Small boy of Rachel (Dravail Village) died in Port Vila Hospital after being transferred (?handicap).
(4): Young mother 30 something, died after an acute respiratory problem while in "garden”.

Lucien, long time owner of Levi Store here in Lamap, died after 1mth in Norsup Hospital. He had suffered longterm chronic conditions including Diabetes with a leg amputated a number of years back due to this, as well as other co-morbidities.

Elian is still here at the Lamap Hospital. Nurse Practitioner Sam and Pastor Luke are returning to work on the 15th January - despite retirement, as no one else has been employed for those positions. So they return on contract yet again.

Have another volunteer arriving this week to join the two volunteers already here with me. There are also 2 more volunteers interested in coming over ASAP - so that will make 5 volunteers in the TroppoDoc team with me. All good! Mynika, one of the volunteers here now, is an end of school student from Opotoki, New Zealand.

I woke up from an afternoon siesta yesterday eye to eye with a large crab inside the bedroom and got a fright! 

Just had a lovely lunch with Alphonse and Sarah’s family. Dorena, eldest sister of Hilda, had a baby 6mths ago.