Still in Padang

Added to site: Nov 12 at 9:31p.m.
Still in Padang and dismantling job of the helicopter is almost complete with 2 more poles to go - cyclic rods and tail rotor removal only remaining, to get pieces the right size for 20ft container. Most of the work has been done by George Watson (NZ volunteer), with Diana Watson (NZ volunteer midwife), Hilda and myself in supporting roles. George is a natural dismantler and the helicopter is now in 5 large pieces, with George and I finishing the job in the rain. 

Waiting still for export approval and customs clearance, but Tia is coordinating with officials at the harbour for that. Hopefully good news tomorrow - should hear something in the morning and learn the cost for the helicopter return to New Zealand also. 

Today also hope to visit the many monkeys on the road to the port for Hilda’s sake.

Then George and myself to pack up the main rotor blades carefully. 

Tomorrow afternoon booked to fly to Gunung Sitoli, Nias with direct Wings flight from Padang now (though not daily), then travel by road to Teluk Dalam to work on the TroppoDoc ambulance with George - tyres need inflating/repaired, ignition needs hot wiring maybe if unfixable.


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