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To clarify any confusion, as it says on the front page of this official TroppoDoc Website, TroppoDoc is a small NGO run by Dr Derek Allen.

FOR ANY QUERIES CONCERNING TROPPODOC:  Please contact Dr Derek Allen (derekallen101@gmail.com).  Please ignore requests from other people to contact them directly re organising placements on TroppoDoc team missions, as they do not have any authority and may have the wrong information. Thank you.

Expertise Engineering Help RequiredPRICE:
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Is there a philanthropic Civil Engineer who wishes to help advise Bishop Donald here in Mendi how to build buildings smarter? Several houses and a convent on Catholic grounds collapsed and they will be rebuilt- but with more earthquake resistance would be wiser. Bishop Donald is happy to supply free accommodation and meals to willing Engineer. Conversely communication can be by internet. Please contact me or a TroppoDoc Contact on "Contact Us” page here on website. Thank very much. 

Devastation in VanuatuPRICE:
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Vanuatu has been hit hard by Cyclone Pam over the weekend- Cylcone Pam is a Category 5 cyclone that has ravaged the pacific nation and left 80-90% of Vila decimated with major disruption to the country's infrastructure and the native peoples' livelihoods. 

Aid for Education in Indonesia!PRICE:
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Given is a young man  from a poor family in Indonesia who has assisted Troppodoc on the ground there for sometime. He has a sister Yudi who is in who final year of study to be an English teacher.

Great Opportunity!!PRICE:
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A request from Dr Derek in Vanuatu. He has met the Bareus family with 7 children and would be very grateful if someone in New Zealand would like to sponsor one of the children Joyce, at the cost of $700.

GREAT NEWS for Nafisa Daniou in Burkina FasoPRICE:
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Thanks very much to Jeremy Goring and Shakib Kaveh for their enthusiasm in helping Nafisa receive the life saving surgery she needs. 

Surgery in Vanuatu January 2014PRICE:
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A small operation to remove a disfiguring growth on an earlobe.

Water Tank to Avok Island Vanuatu January 2014PRICE:
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Travelling by boat to install rain water tank..............

Hugh need for toothbrushes & toothpastePRICE:
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There are increasing numbers of patients presenting to TroppoDoc clinics in Burkina Faso, Bolivia, Indonesia and Vanuatu with oral health problems, because often there is not enough money to buy toothbrushes and toothpaste. This leads to severe dental problems including dental decay, gingivitis and loss of teeth - often decayed and broken off at gum level, which lead to massive infections in the gums and jaw. This leads to ongoing health problems, as well as problems with not being able to eat and chew food - helping increase the rates of malnutrition, especially in children and the elderly.

Collect old spectacles & sunglassesPRICE:
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UV (Ultra Violet) light levels are particularly high around the equator and in tropical areas. This leads to an increased incidence of Cataract. "Dry Eye" is also a problem.
TroppoDoc sees many patients with these conditions in Burkina Faso, Bolivia, Indonesia and Vanuatu, as well as patients with Eye Conditions, Conjunctivitis, Eye Injuries, and Vitamin A Deficiency.

Unsafe Water - leading cause of death in the worldPRICE:
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Every minute, 7 people die because of unsafe water; every 15 seconds, a child dies from a water-related disease and poor hygiene. Shocking statistics which prove that the leading cause of death in the world is unsafe water! 

The Malampa Province in Vanuatu is home to over 35,000 people living on 16 inhabited islands. Not everyone has access to clean, safe water which is an essential necessity of life and a basic human need. Polluted or contaminated water - whether it be with salt water, rubbish, vegetation, or mud, while not only dirty, it can be deadly - causing often easily preventable disease and death. Clean safe water is a major factor in improving health and well being.
In most cases, villagers have to rely on their water supply coming from wells or a nearby river. With a lot of villages being along the coast, the wells are often dug near the beach and can become contaminated with salt water. For those having to rely on the rivers for their water supply, the water can become very muddy when it rains - which in a tropical climate is frequently!!!
There are several water projects needing urgent sponsorship. For approximately US$200, a water tank, guttering and piping can be obtained and installed, thus giving people access to totally clean safe water. These projects are easily affordable in the Western World and can often be a great project for individuals, service clubs, community groups or businesses... ...

Malekula TransportPRICE:
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Public transport within Malekula, Vanuatu, is provided by a number of small single cab utility vehicles. They leave Lamap, at one end of the island at 3.30am Monday - Saturday, then drive through deeply rutted roads, crossing through five rivers onroute, until they get to Norsup, in the north. A return trip is made each day leaving Norsup between 10am -11am. People wanting to take this form of transport simply wait on the side of the road and hop on the back, or if in darkness, shine their torch for the truck to stop. If the truck is too full, it will not stop to pick up people, or if the rivers are too full to cross, they can not complete the journey. Hence often patients requiring medical help......



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