Dr Derek Allen provides medical care to the most impoverished people of the world. He he invites you to join him. 
Volunteers, you are the heart of TroppoDoc  - From Ground 0 to international face to face missions. We welcome everyone who wish to give their time and expertise whether people have a medical or non medical background. There are opportunities for all!  

To facilitate this, TroppoDoc does not charge any fees. However volunteers  are responsible to organise and cover the cost of for their own travels, travel and medical insurance. For accommodation  and food volunteers are responsible to organise this but TroppoDoc will endeavour to guide you with this. 


1. Read Volunteer Information webpage

2. Register to the Volunteer Database

3. Submit Volunteer Application (far below)

4. Once you submit your application, the Volunteer Coordinator will be in contact with you to ascertain your availability and which mission you wish to take part.

5. For safety reasons all volunteers will be required to:

A. Have a police check
B.  Inform of any medical conditions and medication taken
C. Give 2 emergency contacts
D. Provide a CV
E. For all medical workers, provide a copy current annual practice certificate     and professional indemnity. If you are a medical/nursing/midwife student     you will be required to provide a copy of your educational institution.

Most professional indemnity covers any humanitarian aid work however we do recommend that you check first.

2018  ITINERARY   Note that missions may change according to international humanitarian needs.   
January to 3 March :  Vanuatu

March :  Bougainville

April and May :  Somaliland

June :  Bangladesh  (in collaboration with another NGO)

July : Solomon Islands

August : Indonesia

September to Nov : Malawi

December : India




Please take note that the overseas missions can change at the last minute depending on requests and availability. If you would like to volunteer please complete the application form (below) and contact us on troppodoc.volunteers@gmail.com -Thank you

Please DO NOT purchase your air tickets until we have confirm and finalise your application.



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